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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Symposium on Global Scientific Data Infrastructure

If you plan to be in the Washington, DC area on August 29th, the National Academy of Sciences is hosting a symposium on Global Scientific Data Infrastructure.  For those of us for whom that would be too far a jaunt for a meeting that would be less than 3 hours (3p-5:45p Eastern), there is the option to participate in a real-time audio-only webcast of the proceedings.  They will also archive that version and make it available on the Board on Research Data and Information's website afterward.

From the announcement:
The Forum will examine potential near-term actions and outcomes that can serve as a focus for community efforts toward a global organization for the exchange of scientific data, initially referred to as the Data Web Forum (DWF). The BRDI Forum will facilitate discussion of the following questions:
1. What useful short-term efforts and deliverables could a global scientific community organization take on that would facilitate data-driven interoperability? Are there any low-hanging fruits or some common elements or approaches that should be addressed early in the process?
2. What stakeholder communities are essential to success or to the implementation of the deliverables raised in #1? (see [1] below) What could be done in the near term by such an organization to promote effective participation by these communities?

On the day of the event, a link will be posted on the National Academies website ( Webcast listeners will be able to listen either through Windows Media Player or through RealPlayer. 

For more information including a detailed agenda:

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