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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

UW Data Management Guide gets recognized!

Our Data Management Guide got a nice write-up from Kevin the Librarian, an NLM librarian and archivist who has been compiling a list of libraries that have data management guides. Listed as one of his top five along with the University of Minnesota, MIT, California Digital Library, and Purdue, each resource listed offers a little something different, from examples of data management plans, data planning checklists, and information on the importance of data sharing.

If you want to keep reading, he has another excellent post from July 2012 on data curation and where librarians fit in. He talks about our skill set and why we're ready-made to help researchers take care of their data. He also summarizes some nice tidbits from the data curation lifecycle that will be familiar to anyone who's helped someone archive their research.

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