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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Library "Reboot" in Nature

The current issue of Nature (Volume 495 Number 7442) is focused on changes in publishing; one article in particular highlights some of the current challenges to academic libraries, and what some organizations are doing to both remain at the University's core of research, as well as transform the way they deliver and store information.

"Publishing Frontiers: The Library Reboot" shares examples from some US, Australian and UK libraries. It covers how some libraries are focused on offering non-traditional ways to use and visualize the data and information housed by the library. It also discusses research data management, and how many libraries around the world either have or are planning to offer RDM to their campuses, in part as an extension of the information storage and retrieval that libraries have always been doing, and in part to stay central to the academic research mission. “I see us moving up the food chain and being co-contributors to the creation of new knowledge,” says Sarah Thomas, the head of libraries at the University of Oxford, UK.

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