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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Data Librarianship Workshops

Beginning in September, Data Services Curriculum and Communications Librarian Jenny Muilenburg will be offering three Data Librarianship Workshops to librarians and staff who work with people using data. Designed to teach some of the essential concepts necessary for those working in a data support role, these workshops will cover data management plans, data librarian skills, repositories and archives, and data best practices (among others!).

Prior to each workshop there will be a small amount of readings/videos/research for attendees to complete. This will allow workshop attendees to begin with the same background knowledge, as well as enable us to share what we all bring from our different fields/positions.

Session 1, Monday, September 8, 2-3:30pm
Data Librarianship: Skills and Definitions
Curious what it means to be a “data librarian”? This workshop will look at the skills and traits necessary to work as a data librarian, whether or not your current position includes that description, as well as what other libraries and institutions are providing in the way of data support and guidance. We’ll also talk about how to gain various kind of education and training to better support data-intensive research.

Session 2, Monday, January 26, 2-3:30pm
Data Librarianship: Archives & Repositories
There are so many archives and repositories out there it can be difficult to know where to start looking to help someone in your field (or especially a field you’re not familiar with).This workshop will look at some of the categories of archives and repositories, and we’ll have time to share some of the similarities and differences across disciplines. We’ll also talk about some of the usage and ethics considerations that come into play when researchers share their data.

Session 3, Monday, April 20, 2-3:30pm
Data Management Plans: Reading, Writing, and Sharing
The words “data management plan” get tossed around a lot in certain circles. In this session, we’ll spend time learning about the different disciplinary and/or agency requirements for DMPs. We’ll also have an opportunity to read case studies from several disciplines, and learn how to help someone create their own DMP using various resources and tools from the UW Libraries.

For more information, contact us at uwlib-data at uw dot edu.

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