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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guide to Research Data Management Curriculum

In many of my workshops and class sessions, especially for librarians new to data management, I've been asked about existing research data management (RDM) curriculum and resources. People new to the field want to be able to browse online learning courses, join mailing lists to see what's going on, follow a blog or two. After compiling a few of these lists to serve as handouts, I decided to put them online in a LibGuide for Research Data Management Curriculum. In a way a curated list of these things feels very Yahoo 1990s, but it allows me a place to keep tabs on new curricula, blogs and other resources that I or my coworkers use on a regular basis.

Got any favorite sites/classes/blogs/lists you'd like to see on the list? Put it in the comments and I'll take a look.


  1. This is not necessarily for librarians but could be useful nonetheless. I took this MOOC through Coursera: Data Management for Clinical Research.

  2. Great resource, thanks for sharing! I'm definitely bookmarking this guide.

    Here are some data blogs to consider adding to your list (I might have a thing for data blogs):
    - University of Sheffield:
    - Data Ab Initio:
    - Practical Data Management For Bug Counters:
    - RDM Insight:
    - Edinburgh:
    - UW-Madison:
    - datalibsam:
    - Heather Coates:
    - Preserving Research Data in Canada:

    Also, you have RDAP listed twice under e-mail lists.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Stacy and Kristin! I will also be adding some of the other online courses that are out there.