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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UW Libraries Forms Team to Develop Data Repository

The University of Washington Libraries is excited to announce the formation of a team to develop a Data Repository. The Data Repository at UW (DRUW, pronounced droo) will provide a secure, long-term location for UW faculty to store and share their research datasets. This repository will support UW researchers in meeting federal and private funder data management mandates and will promote the principles of open access and data sharing, while providing a convenient place to archive and discover datasets from research done at UW.

DRUW builds upon the Libraries existing Data Services offerings, which include assistance with data management plans, locating and acquiring research data, data curation and archiving, and data reference assistance. It also joins our ResearchWorks Services, which has been providing curation and archiving of digital research outputs for more than a decade. DRUW will allow campus researchers to archive their research data in a secure, reliable digital repository and allow users from off-campus to discover their work.

Data Repository Librarian Mahria Lebow has recently joined the Data Services Unit at the UW Libraries, and carries project management responsibilities for the repository. Updates and information about the project will be available here on the Data Services Blog.

For more information, contact Mahria Lebow, mahria at uw dot edu.

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