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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Book: The Practice of Reproducible Research

Interested in reproducible research practices? We have exciting news from Justin Kitzes of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science:

"I and several colleagues have just released the open, online version of our new book, "The Practice of Reproducible Research: Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences" (to be published in print by the University of California Press) -

"The book is based around 31 case studies of research workflows, contributed by academic scientists and engineers from a variety of disciplines, in which each author describes the key practices, tools, and methods that they used to try to make their research as reproducible as possible. . . If reading 31 case studies sound like a bit much, we've also written a set of summary chapters (Part I of the book) that provides a basic overview of reproducible research and synthesizes lessons learned from across the contributed case studies."

Additionally, if you are looking to connect with other researchers interested in reproducible research practices, be sure to check out the eScience Insitute's Reproducibility and Open Science Working Group.

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