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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

UW All-Campus Reproducibility Seminar: 2/10 @ 1:30pm

Ben Marwick, Assistant Professor of Archaeology, joins the All-Campus Reproducibility Seminar Series on February 10 at 1:30pm in the WRF Data Science Studio Meeting Room, 6th floor Physics/Astronomy Tower. He will give a talk titled: 

"Doing Reproducible Research with Docker"


A key obstacle to reproducible research that I frequently encounter when working with students and collaborators is keeping the toolkit simple, with managing dependencies being an especially time-consuming challenge. Virtual machines are one solution to these problems, but remain less than ideal because of relatively long start-up and shut-down times, their large size and performance demands, limited portability, and the need for the user to be familiar with a different desktop environment, amongst other concerns. In this talk I introduce Docker, a free and open source Linux container tool recently popular amongst commercial DevOps workers that provides lightweight virtual environments on Windows/OSX/Linux systems and has several advantages over regular virtual machines. I will describe the key elements of doing reproducible research with Docker and demonstrate dockerfiles, containers, images and registries (bring your laptop and follow along! If your using Windows/OSX then be sure to install in advance). I will show how these help with dependencies and keeping things simple, especially when working with R or Python.

Please join us!

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